Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer

3 Axle 60T Detach Gooseneck Trailer with Ladders



The dynamic load on the axle and part of the suspension guarantees enhanced safety during travel and loading. The main advantage is that even if the load falls from the platform, the structure will not turn over. It will move to the ground with the help of tracks or wheels. This kind of hydraulic gooseneck trailer can be created for both light and heavy, bulky cargo.

The 3 Axle 60T Detach Gooseneck Trailer with Ladders adopts rear ladders, which makes the detach gooseneck trailer for sale has ability to transport loads from the rear end. The cargo capacity is 60 tons. The Obviously advantage of the detach gooseneck trailer is that the heavy cargo can be loaded from both rear and end, which is very convenient for customers to loading and unloading cargos.