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Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer
Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer

Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer

60000 USD

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Wind Blade Adaptor, during transportation in mountain roads, the adaptor can avoid the cliff, woods, and electric wire via operations of the incline the blade to extent degrees, or rotate and swing the blade. 

SKU: Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer
MPN: TITAN9903005
Brand: TITAN

Product Description:

On steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads, the position of the rotor blade can be adapted to the route without any time loss. At the same time, a wind sensor warns against exceeding a parameterizable wind speed. The new rotor blade adapter can be mounted and transported on both on a pulled platform trailer combination as well as self propelled modules, and guarantees flexible transportation of rotor blades from different manufacturers through the quick release plate and thus maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in daily.

Wind Blade Adaptor for Sale in Vietnam

Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Wind Blade Adaptor for Sale in Vietnam

Wind Blade Adaptor Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Wind Blade Adaptor for Sale in Vietnam



Brand: TITAN Adapter trailer for 80m wind turbine blade transportation

Dimension: 19500mm*3400mm*4650mm

Applicable blade: 56.5m-76m

Axle: 4 lines 8 axles

Tires: 32 units

Max rotation angle: 360°

Hydraulic station: 40KW Four-cylinder Diesel Engine

Tail: Slewing support cylinder with tooling at the tail (horizontally telescopic); with pusher

Transportable wind blade specification: 121-155 model

Diameter of lifting cylinder: 320mm; four-axis tire 8.25R16



1. These type of trailers are used to transport turbine blades on mountain roads and curved roads as well.

2. Because of the fact that extendable trailers are too long, when it comes to a mountain road, it is hard to steer hence the need for the special blade trailer.

3. The design is made in such a way that the blade adaptor can lift up and down making it easier for the trailer to steer easily.


Through this video, you can learn more details about 3 line 6 axle wind blade adaptor , windmill rotor blade trailer , etc.

Wind Blade Adaptor for Sale in Vietnam

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