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100-150 Ton Lowboy Trailer

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Used Lowboy Trailer for Sale 100/150 Tons Removable Gooseneck in Ghana


Chapter 1: What is a lowboy trailer?

1.1 Different types of used lowboy trailer

1.2 Applications and Advantages of Lowboy Trailers

Chapter 2: Structure of used lowboy trailer

2.1 Features of used lowboy trailer

2.2  Detachable gooseneck trailers marine transportation

Chapter 3: Points to consider when purchasing a detachable trailer

Chapter 4: How to choose the right used lowboy trailer?

Chapter 5: How to Detach the Removable Gooseneck?


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Chapter 1: What is a lowboy trailer?

Lowboy trailer for sale has many different names in different countries around the world, such as RGN trailer, detachable gooseneck trailer, folding gooseneck lowboy trailers, hydraulic low bed trailer, removable gooseneck trailer, front loading rgn lowboy trailer, and military lowboy trailer for sale.

Loading method for gooseneck trailer: cargo is loaded from the front. Detachable gooseneck cargo table is only 85 cm, the center of gravity is very low, so the stability and security are very good. As you can see, the heavy duty lowboy trailer can transport ultra-high and medium sized equipment and machine.

Operation Principle

The design is meant to provide a hinged frame assembly as shown in the picture below. that has a draft member in one end connected to a pivot-able fifth wheel of a tractor.

The other end has a base member pivot-ably linked, so that the actuation of an actuator linked between the base member and the draft member at a point on the base member above the first point,

causes the raising or lowering of the front end of a low-bed trailer usually attached to the base member bottom.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of lowboy semi-trailers(like 3 axle detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers, 4 axle lowboy trailer, 3 line 6 axle heavy duty lowboy trailer, folding gooseneck trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle


1.1 Different types of used lowboy trailer

Hydraulic rgn lowboy trailer:

Hydraulic RGN trailers are widely used in the heavy transportation industry and are the most common type of lowboy trailer. The gooseneck trailer uses hydraulic cylinders to remove the gooseneck. When loading, the heavy equipment lowboy trailer can be lowered and raised as needed.

Advantage: Compared with other types of detachable gooseneck trailers, it is the simplest and fastest disassembly method.

Disadvantage: Military lowboy trailer is heavy and the deck length is short, the hydraulic system increases maintenance requirements and costs.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

used Lowboy Trailer for Ghana

Folding lowboy trailer:

The front part of the folding gooseneck trailer can be folded down to the ground, and their long decks are suitable for long and heavy cargo.

Advantage:80 ton lowboy trailer is lighter and cheaper, reducing additional maintenance costs for the hydraulic system.

Disadvantages: This type of trailer is more difficult and slower to raise and lower than hydraulic systems.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

used lowboy trailer for sale

1.2 Applications and Advantages of Lowboy Trailers

Windmill components: The components of windmills are usually assembly in a factory and then transported to their sites. Similar to other heavy cargo, the components are wide and heavy.

The components cannot fit on a closed trailer because of their design and structure. Lowboy trailers are efficient way of transport these components to their site.

Agricultural machinery: Agriculture is another field that uses heavy machinery. The machinery is mostly used for large-scale farming. Such large farms are located far from towns and cities.

The major agricultural machinery that low bed trailers transport includes loaders, excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and pavers. The heavy trailers can navigate muddy agricultural farms and move machinery from one farm to another.

Forestry machinery: The forestry industry uses heavy machinery as well. Heavy equipment is required to cut down and transport logs. Sometimes the logs are processed into timber and other by-products at the site before transporting the products.

The machinery is manufactured assembly halls or imported before it is transported to the forest. Low bed trailers are used to move the forestry machinery from the assembly to the forests.

Construction: Low bed trailers are used in the construction industry as well. The heavy duty vehicles are commonly used in the construction of roads and bridges.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

100 tons used lowboy trailer

Chapter 2: Structure of used lowboy trailer:

The hydraulic gooseneck lowboy semi-trailer can be customized with various models according to the needs. TITAN can make the 2/3/4 axles detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers and 3 lines 6 axles heavy duty rgn lowboy trailer, with the capacity of 60/80/100/120/150 ton. To meet your transport needs and your local regulations.

The structural composition is basically composed of traction system, transmission system, alignment adjustment system and locking system. The RGN trailer is mainly separated or hooked by manually operating the hydraulic device mounted on the goose head, so as to reach the construction machinery from the front of the trailer. This kind of vehicle is mainly suitable for the transportation of large construction machinery with small climbing ability. Of course, construction machinery with a large ladder angle can also be transported. It solves the shortcomings of the current ladder slope angle is too large and poor passability existing in the rear loading and unloading of the lowbed trailer.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

2.1 Features of used lowboy trailer

1. Strong carrying capacity

Most of this type of trailers have large tonnage, so the body is mostly designed with an arched cargo bed, and the longitudinal beams are mostly multi-longitudinal high-strength steel structures, which reduces the weight and improves the carrying capacity.

TITAN lowboy trailer main beam of TITAN is made of HG60 high-strength structural steel. The yield strength of HG60 steel is ≥ 620MPa, which is more durable and stronger than ordinary steel. Its bearing capacity is 5 times of that of Q345 steel trailer. TITAN lowboy trailer adopts reinforced the gooseneck and upper and lower plate by double layer.

2. The effective length of the cargo bed is long

Because this type of model eliminates the rear ladder, the bearing surface can be lengthened, and because the construction machinery does not go from the rear, the slope angle in front of the bridge can be appropriately increased, so that the bearing surface can be lengthened. The length of the low flat cargo table with a ladder at the end is longer, which can effectively load more loads, indirectly improve the loading efficiency, and create greater benefits for users.

3. Low center of gravity and good stability.

Due to the low ground clearance and low longitudinal beam height of this kind of vehicle, the load-bearing surface is 300-400mm lower than that of the normal concave-center removable lowboy semi-trailer, thereby effectively reducing the height of the center of gravity of the loaded goods and improving the stability during transportation.

TITAN Oilfield trailers bottom plate, Other suppliers usually use 3 or 4 mm bottom plate, But TITAN adopt 5 mm thick bottom plate, It’s more durable and won’t be deformed.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

3 axle used lowboy trailer for sale

4. Good performance

The cargo bed load-bearing surface of the trailer can be adjusted to the ground height by a hydraulic device as needed, and when it passes through culverts or bumpy roads, the cargo bed load-bearing surface can be lowered or raised to improve its passing performance.

5. Easy maintenance

Because the bearing surface can be raised and lowered, the tires on a bridge can be grounded, and other tires can be safely and conveniently replaced or other maintenance work without detaching.

6. Easy operation

The lifting operation handle of the bearing surface mostly adopts the centralized electric control device, rather than the traditional handle to control the operation, so that the operation interface is more convenient.

TITAN hydraulic system has undergone five major system upgrades in the ten-year production process, and now the hydraulic system has very good stability and stability The customer only needs regular maintenance. It can be used for ten years.

Hydraulic RGN trailers are widely used in the heavy transportation industry and are the most common type of lowboy trailer. The gooseneck trailer uses hydraulic cylinders to remove the gooseneck.

Used lowboy trailer for Ghana

2.2 Detachable gooseneck trailers marine transportation

After the production of all hydraulic detachable goosenecks, pressure tests will be performed.

To prevent the gooseneck trailer paint from being corroded by seawater, we spray a layer of wax on the surface of the lowboy trailer before shipping, and then seal it with a waterproof rain cloth.


Chapter 3: Points to consider when purchasing a detachable trailer

There are a variety of different transport semi trailers in the Chinese transport market, as many of them are locally transported and so common low bed trailers are more. Every city in China is under construction and is basically equipped with construction machinery and equipment, so long-distance transportation of large machines such as heavy excavators is not required.

But, the hydraulic gooseneck trailers produced by TITAN rgn lowboy trailer manufacturers are mainly exported to Central and West African countries such as Nigeria and Tanzania, and more than 200 units have been produced. Technology is mature.

3.1 Frame of gooseneck hydraulic low bed trailer

The effective load surface length of the frame is generally 5500mm to 9000mm, the width is 3000mm to 36000mm, and the widest can be 4 meters wide.

3.2 What is the difference between the steel used for the detachable gooseneck trailer´╝č

Currently, the main steel type used for gooseneck lowboy trailers is HG60. HG60 is high-strength structural steel with high toughness, good fatigue resistance, welding performance and corrosion resistance.
HG60 high strength steel: C≤0.18 Si0.15 ~ 0.40 Mn1.00 ~ 1.70 P≤0.030 S≤0.025 Mo-Cr-Nb0.02 ~ 0.06 V0.03 ~ 0.08 Ni- HG60
Tensile test: Ret≥450MPa Rm570 ~ 720MPa A50≥19

Common lowbed trailers use Q345 manganese steel. Q345 steel cannot be used to transport heavy equipment.

3.3 What is the load of the detach trailer for sale.

TITAN can be customized heavy duty lowboy trailer according to actual load requirements. Common design load tonnages are 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, fixed rgn equipment trailer max weight reaches 200 tons.

3.4 How high off the ground is a lowboy trailer?

The height of the TITAN military pj lowboy trailer plate can be customized. The common design of the height of the working surface is 850mm, and 800mm and 900mm. The height of the working surface can be controlled by the hydraulic system during actual transportation.

 Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

used gooseneck lowboy trailer

Chapter 4: How to Detach the Removable Gooseneck?

Removable gooseneck lowbed trailers are of many types. However, most of these removable gooseneck’s operation principles are the same. When detaching your gooseneck trailer, here is a standard procedure to follow.

Step 1: Remove the locating pin as well as the air tube and the electric wire connections

Step 2: Lower the cargo bed once all the linkages have been securely removed

Step 3:  Drive off the truck together with the gooseneck away

Step 4:  Once the truck has been driven off, loading can now take place comfortably from the front of the trailer bed.

Securing the Cargo in Place for Transportation – Once the cargo has been loaded on the trailer bed, it should be safely secured in place ready for transportation. In that case, you should ensure to fix the cargo by ropes, nets, chains.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

Chapter 5: How to choose the right used lowboy trailer?

There are a number of factors to look at when making a choice of the trailer you want. Some of the common things to look at include cost, durability, functionality and capacity among several others.

If you are looking for a well-built and durable trailer to haul heavy machinery and equipment, then the Removable Gooseneck trailer and the folding Gooseneck trailer are great options for you.

Here are important factors to consider before choosing between these two types of a trailer:

Cargo dimension: It is important to consider the dimensions of your cargo when choosing a trailer model. Consider the width and height, especially if your country has height limitations for transportation vehicles.

If the height of your cargo is too high, choose a low loader, an RGN trailer, or a folding gooseneck trailers. The models allow you to lower the rear part and reduce the total height of the cargo.

Cost: The removable gooseneck trailer is cheaper compared to the folding gooseneck trailer. Therefore, if you don’t have a big budget for these types of trailers, a folding gooseneck trailer may not be your choice.  Despite the high cost however, the folding gooseneck trailer has multiple features that make it more stable and useful than the removable gooseneck trailer. The many features are the reason for increased costs.

Used rgn gooseneck Lowboy trailers for sale near me-TITAN Vehicle

Loading process: The process may be easier if you choose the correct model.

Although RGN and low loaders are very suitable for loading heavy goods, if you use lifting equipment, ordinary trailers may be the best choice. Most low-bed trailers are loaded from the front or rear.

When you need to remove the gooseneck from the tractor so that the gooseneck remains attached to the trailer frame. Secure the safety hook with a pin to fix the gooseneck in place and prevent the gooseneck from tipping forward.

Durability: The removable gooseneck is rugged in nature and can last for long with an ability to carry out many operations before breaking down or without necessitating routine maintenance.  For the folding gooseneck trailer, the independent hydraulic systems for the ground engaging pads and multiple other systems presents the need for frequent checks and maintenance. Extra caution is to be taken when using it more than you would need for the detachable gooseneck trailer.


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